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CMH has decided to embark on an adopt-a-school project, but we need your help. Our aim is to support the creation and enhancement of a conducive learning environment at schools in rural areas. We strongly believe that the future of the company and the country lies in the hands of our children and without proper education, they cannot succeed.


Our mission

Identify high schools that do not get significant support from other sponsors, and raise sufficient funds to make a difference to the pupils of the school.
Encourage individuals with the CMH Group to support the project by donating an amount directly off their salary each month to the project.
For every Rand donated by employees, CMH Head office will match the contribution, thereby doubling the total amount donated.

What we hope to achieve

The first beneficiary identified is Kwamakhuta Comprehensive High School, located south of Durban. We have visited the school and there is so much that needs to be done there, it is difficult to know where to start. Based on discussions with the principal and the Head of Department of the Technical department we have agreed to start by assisting the school to buy new teaching aids and technical apparatus in the science and mechanical/technical streams (where some equipment is 30 years old) and by sponsoring sports gear for the school’s 3 soccer teams.

What we want you to do

Under the Apply Now tab, simply complete the form either hand the form in or fax to Kerrianne if you wish to make a monthly donation to this project. Please note, the donation is voluntary. Fill in your personal details, tick the box next to the amount you wish to donate and then SIGN THE FORM. Please note, we cannot make any deduction if you do not provide your ID number and sign the form. Once we receive the form, the salaries department will deduct the amount you have volunteered from your salary before you are paid and it will be reflected on your payslip as a deduction.
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