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We are happy to inform you that the new Desktop (ICT) & Soft skills Training Dates and Schedules for 2016 are out!

Please view the below schedule for courses and dates in your region.
Should you be interested in booking, please make use of the booking request forms for individual or group bookings by clicking on the buttons below.
Patricia Goodacre is the contact person for all CMH Dealers even though she is situated in JHB.
We request that all bookings are made through her as she gives CMH employees a discounted price on courses.
Her contact details are :
Patricia Goodacre
082-414-6075 / 011 205 7425
Alternatively, you can contact her assistant :
Sinah Leso
079 759 5912 / 011 205 7414
There are many other courses available through the Bytes People Solutions Group.
For any information regarding those courses, Please do not hesitate to contact either Patricia or Sinah.
For any other related queries, please contact Alicia Du Plessis at CMH IT

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